Sam Jackson & Anne Hathaway Compete for Saddest Movie [Video,NSFW]
2012 is a great year for movies.
We've had Batman, Spiderman, The Hobbit, Paranormal Activity 4, Lincoln and we cannot forget the ending of the Twilight Saga.
Hollywood started off with a bang and wanted to end with a bang during the holiday season, which they did with two movies that will be sur…
How Much Would You Charge For A Date? [VIDEO]
Some people have a very hard time finding that special someone or even communicating with the opposite sex. That's when dating sites come in and promise to help you find love and blah blah blah! Not You set the price of how much someone would have to pay you, wait for it...ju…
Nelly’s VH1 Behind The Music [VIDEO]
Nelly open's up in his VH1 Behind The Music which airs on March 7th. He talks about losing his sister Jackie to Leukemia and how his family took it.
Nelly says:
“She gets off the phone and she lays down and she’s gone. They said the only thing that kept her alive was that she wanted to talk to me be…