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Charles Lee Ray Is Back In The ‘Curse Of Chucky’ [Video]
The 'Lakeshore Strangler' is back in his 6th installment in his 'Chucky' series.
The original series started in 1988 and has bloomed into one of the all time greatest horror movies.
The original story line was about a maniac killer on the run from the police, and just before dying he transferred his s…
New Clip From Paranormal Activity 4 [Video]
Paranormal Activity 4 is out and Club937 has your tickets to go see it but first check out the new trailer!
For more information on the movie showing click here! Hurry, you don't wanna be the person that had to pay to go see Paranormal Activity 4.
Paranormal Activity 4 Trailer [Video]
Paranormal Activity 4 is set to release this October! Fans of the series rejoice! I don't know how they came up with a story line for this one but I don't care! I enjoy the Paranormal Series granted that a lot of people don't find it scary at all.
Well me on the other, I'm scared …
V/H/S Movie Trailer[Video]
A new horror movie is coming out and it's suppose to be on the level of the paranormal activity movies and it's called V/H/S.
So from what I can tell the movie revolves around these guys breaking into a house to steal a VHS tape and end up finding something on the tapes. Kinda sounds like &…