Dead Girl Pranks People [Video]
There isn't a better natural high than to be scared out of your mind. There is something about not being able to control the situation that is both, terrifying and the greatest fear in the world. It is even better when the emotion of fear is genuine.
Garbage Man Saves Baby In A Runaway Stroller [Video]
A quick thinking Seattle garbage truck driver saved a baby in a runaway stroller. He was on his route when he saw a woman jogging with her baby in a stroller. She had stopped at the top of a hill and the stroller started rolling down the hill towards a busy intersection.
Little Kids Get Scared By The Purple Panda [Video]
A visit by Mr. McFeely and Purple Panda of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood doesn't go so well with the kids at Pennsylvania's Center in the Woods. We have all had this happen to us growing up, you go see Santa or the Easter bunny and are scared crazy.
Watch how these young kids react to the …
Halloween Wedding – Ian’s Pic Of The Night
These two love birds were in Fort Myers, FL for Zombicon and wanted to have their wedding. Not were traditional if you ask me, but who gets married the normal way anymore? Check out the pic of these weirdo's below!
Watch Ian Scare The Ish Outta Cheese [Video]
So with the spirit of Halloween in the air here at Club 93.7, I went out of my way to try and scare Cheese. She was in one of our back studios practicing for some on-air stuff when I busted down the door! Check out the full video below to see her reaction.
Worst Job Ever. Cleaning A Cobra Pit [VIDEO]
Some people are hurting for a job and the economy still seems to suck, but as you relax this weekend and surf the inter-web be thankful that your not this guy! He may have a job, but really I'd rather be homeless than do what he does! Wanna see? Would you clean out a cobra pit on a daily basis?