Shaquille O'Neal

Reebok Introduces New Shaq Kicks, Shaq Attaq “Brick City”
Shaquille O'Neal's shoe game seems to be making a comeback because he's dropping new versions of his throwback kicks every chance he gets. America's favorite shopping holiday is just two days away — Black Friday (Nov. 29) — so Shaq picked to the perfect time to announce his new Reebok Shaq Attaq &qu…
Shaq Does His Best Michael Jackson Performance [Video]
Not sure why everything is about professional athletes today, but Shaquille O'Neal isn't staying away after retirement! Shaq got on the mic at a Las Vegas nightclub and (tried) to sing a few MJ songs. He didn't just try once, Shaq sang "Thiller", "Off The Wall", "Don't Stop …
After 19-Years of NBA Action; Shaq Retires [Video]
Shaquille O'Neal is calling it a career! I think we all saw this coming but it's still kind of sad. Shaq is one of the most enduring and funny athletes of all-time. There are so many hilarious things he's done or said. Check out my favorite Shaq moments that weren't on the court.

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