Man Tells Girl to Call Jesus and Then Slaps her Off her Seat [Video]
A man gets fed up with a younger girls talking about who shes about to call to deal with him, so the man tells the young girl to call Jesus and slaps the mess out of her.
This is a good example of why you shouldn't talk trash to everybody. You may just run into an old school cat that will slap y…
Atlanta Cop Punches Woman At An IHOP [Video]
Police Brutality or the perception of it seems to be on the rise, thanks to camera phones and youtube. In reality no one should be hitting, swinging, or doing anything violent to a Police Officer. But it seems like this is a growing trend lately, especially with women. I'm not sure if it's becaus…
That Had To Hurt!
Why people do this I don't know... Oh well I guess people are broke so $2000 sounds like a lot of money... Would you do this???