Spider-Man Caught on Video Fighting the Cops [Video]
Life has got to be hard, being a superhero. There are all kinds of stress and pressure that are unimaginable, and people expect you to be do what you want at a snap of a finger. Unfortunately this can not always be the case.
Spider-Man Vs. Batman [Video]
Two of the more iconic comic book characters have to a very rich secretive playboy, and a very nerdy high schooler who lives with his aunt, who struggles to pay rent. Bruce Wayne vs.Peter Parker or as we all know them Batman vs. Spider-Man is sure to be a epic battle.
‘The Amazing Spiderman’ Official Trailer
The latest installment in the Spiderman franchise now has an official trailer, and it looks dope.
'The Amazing Spiderman' has an all new cast and follows the comic story of 'The Ultimate Spiderman'.
Video Submission: Spiderman Swag [Video]
Spiderman along with his best friends which include Captain America, Wolverine, Batman, and Superman get together for a song!
Last time this many super heroes got together they shut the party down!
Spiderman,Iron Man, And Batman Get Wild At Kids Party [Video]
Ironman with his crew including Batman and Spider show these young kids at the party how to get loose!
I've never seen moves like these! If Spiderman had danced like this in the movie I would have enjoyed it! I couldn't stop laughing while I was watching this! And where in the hell are these kids par…