Dave Chappelle Gets Booed Off Stage [Video]
Dave Chappelle once was a great in stand up comedy, but after leaving comedy central and giving up his hit show things just seem to spiral out of control.
With being considered the best in the world at one point must carry a tremendous amount of stress. Everybody loved Dave Chapelle, up until he went…
Katt Williams Has Lost His Mind [Video]

Katt Williams was supposed to be on stage in New Mexico at 8pm for his latest show.  He decided to show up fashionably late though, THREE HOURS fashionably late!
Instead of apologizing for being late, and entertaining the crowd Katt decided to take a different path.  He took off everything but his pa…
How To Tell How Pretty A White Woman Is [VIDEO]
This is the first time I've caught Patrice O'Neal doing stand-up and I must say...I truly enjoy it! Watch a short clip of Patrice O'Neals special on Comedy Central called "Elephant In The Room" and what he says about white women