Groom Sues After Stripper Ruptures His Bladder at Bachelor Party
In retrospect, Patrick Gallagher and his buddies probably should have just celebrated his impending nuptials with a quiet night of poker, maybe a cigar. But instead they took the bachelor party to the strip club, where the groom-to-be suffered an injury as embarrassing as it is painful.
Gallagher was…
Chicago Bears Fan Falls Off Tailgate Stipper Pole
Tailgating can be a blast, with all the drinking and grilling and parking lot football.  But when you introduce a mobile stripper pole into the mix, things get a lot more interesting.  Check out this Bears fan and her face plant off of the pole.
Stripper Falls Off The Pole, Lands On Her Face [Video]
Pole dancing is not easy, and most of the time the girls that do it are very well trained. That definitely was not the case with the girl in the video below, but luckily she hit her head hard enough so that she probably won't even remember it.
Akon Orders $50,000 In Ones For Strip Club [Video]
Akon decided he could not think of anything better to spend $50,000 on in the world, so he did what any normal person would do.  He had an armored truck deliver 50 thousand one dollar bills to him, posed for pictures with it, then spent it at the strip club.  We have the video to prove it!