Teens Getting Drunk Off Hand Sanitizer? [Video]
Teenagers in California have found a new way to get drunk and their using hand sanitizer to do it! What? These kids more and more creative every generation.
It's getting to the point where you can't keep anything in the house! What's next? Getting high off of pen ink? Well, let me be q…
Flint Ain’t So Bad After All! [VIDEO]
I'm sick of people talking so bad about the city they were born and raised in...FLINT, MICHIGAN!! I love the city and the people who make it what it is...this is evidence that stupid crap happens everywhere, even in California. A group of kids go in to this Mexican Restaurant for more than just…
Vodka Eyeballing = Dumb
A hot new drinking game is "vodka eyeballing" where drinkers pour vodka into their eye.
The side effects? Possible blindness.
Pouring the alcohol on your eye is about as dangerous as pouring bleach on it. It stings and it damages the epithelium, which is the delicate layer covering t…