Batman vs Superman: Rap Battle [Video, NSFW]
We are all aware and excited to for the release of the new Batman vs Superman movie in the spring of 2016. So as we all await for this joyous day, us non comic book readers have to sit and guess who would win this epic battle.
Randy Orton VS. Superman Dawn of the RKO [Video]
Late last year I remember any where that you looked on social media all you would see were videos of superstar Randy Orton doing his signature move "RKO' on any and everyone. Now that trend is over it seems like someone has made a video of Superman vs. Randy Orton, where Randy Ort…
Superman ‘Man of Steel’ 2013 Official Trailer
The Superman 'Man of Steel' 2013 official trailer is here.  The Superman films have never lived up to the hype of the superhero.  I can't remember anything about the previous films that is worth mentioning besides they needed to be more entertaining.  You should check o…

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