Michigan Teen Lifts Car To Save Grandfather’s Life [Video]
A teenager in Michigan lifted a 2,000 pound car off his grandfather to save his life.
They were trying to fix the car and had it propped on cinder blocks. The 15-year-old kid was inside pumping the brakes when he felt it rock just a little.  He got out of the car and moments later it collapsed.
Teens Trash Another Store And Post It To YouTube [Video]
Police in Tempe, Arizona are looking into a video posted on YouTube that shows kids destroying several stores.
The video is called "Shopping with the Boys" and it shows the boys playing catch, knocking over displays, pushing things off store shelves, and diving into a pile of pillow…
Indiana Teen Forced To Wear Sign In Public As Punishment [Video]
After getting in trouble with the law, a 14-year-old boy in Indiana had to go out in public wearing a sign that said "I lie, I steal, I sell drugs, I don't follow the law." The boy's mother forced her son to wear the sign for two hours after he broke the law.
Teen Commits Suicide On Stage, Audience Unknowingly Applauds
The scene was straight out of a horror movie last weekend: Troubled 19-year-old Kipp Rusty Walker walked on stage at an open mic night, played a weary and foretelling song called, 'Sorry For All the Mess,' and then repeatedly stabbed himself to death with a 6-inch blade.