Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow Should Stick to Quarterback
Over the weekend, the New York Jets decided to use their much talked about backup quarterback Tim Tebow in a couple of offensive plays. One of the plays was an easy swing pass where Tebow could make the catch out in the flat and hopefully find some room to run. An immaculate reception it was not.
Kenny Powers Writes Open Letter To Tim Tebow
Kenny Powers is known for being an over-confident, loud mouth, 'Baseball Player' who says whatever comes to his mind. Well, good news...nothing has changed. Next Sunday night Season 3 of Eastbound & Down premiers at 10pm on HBO and Powers is making some noise before the show airs.
John Legend Performs ‘Extra-Ordinary Tebow’ [Video]
This is easily the single greatest thing to happen on the set of 'First Take'.
Normally the show revolves around Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith arguing as loud as possible.
John Legend is here to change all that, and put both guys in their respective place when it comes to Tim Tebow.
Tim Tebow – ‘All He Does Is Win’ Mashup [Video]
It seems like all anyone can talk about lately when it comes to football is Tim Tebow.
What he and the Broncos have managed to do so far this season is just short of amazing.
What's even more amazing is how hard the personalities at ESPN ride his jock.