TMG Podcast: SnapBacks and Tattoos (NSFW) [Audio]
TMG gets another female in the studio and we abuse our right to ask her a bunch of questions related to sex.
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B-Ray and TMG Podcast Ep.6 [Audio]
Back at it again with your weekly update with B-Ray and TMG . Quickly growing as the most popular podcast coming out of Flint, TMG's motto is that everything is permitted and no one is safe. Warning Explicit Language.
B-Ray and TMG Podcast (Uncut)[Audio]
Me B-Ray and the TMG crew (Thugmonkeyz & Gorilla) get together and give you the weekly news or what ever we want to touch on from our point of view.  The TMG motto is "No one is safe & everything is permitted" We are foul mouthed fools. The weak at heart shoul…