Trey Songz

Trey Songz Strip Club Assault Case Dismissed
Trey Songz was arrested in New York in August of last year, accused of assault for allegedly smacking a woman in the face with U.S. bills at a strip club. It was undetermined if the woman who claimed she got smacked with the cash was an exotic dancer or not. However, despite an official investigatio…
Big Boy Moves to Trey Songz [Video]
Before you try and win tickets to go see Trey Songz let this sex machine warm you up and get ready for the concert.
Click here for your chance to register and go see Trey Songz, but first ladies sit back and relax and let big boy get you wet. Real wet...
Trey Songz Release ‘Simply Amazing’ Music Video
The new Trey Songz video ‘Simply Amazing’ shows the love Trigga has for his woman. Trey Songz spends quality time with his woman while playing in bed, riding bikes, going for a ride, and even playing under the covers.  This new video for Trey Songz is a good clean visual.
Listen To Trey Songz ‘Dive In’ – Audio
Trey Songz knows his lane and stays in it with ‘Dive In.’ The latest release from the R&B heartthrob Trey Songz plays with words only for the ladies.  Getting closer to his fifth solo studio album, Chapter V, Trigga reminds the ladies he still has it.
Trey Songz Announces ‘Chapter V’ Release Date With Ian [Audio]
Last night I had Trey Songz on the show and he gave us an exclusive release date for his upcoming album 'Chapter V'. You can expect the next album to drop in August on the 21st. But besides just talking about his music, I wanted to have a little fun with Mr. YUUUPPP.
Check out the full inte…
New Music – Trey Songz ‘Heart Attack’ [Audio]
Being four albums in, Trey Songz Chapter Five might shape up to be his best album yet.
Trey just finished his tour with Big Sean and more and is ready to drop his new project.
With Kenny Blanco behind the boards, Trey Songz let's us know he  didn't realize how much painful love can be &…

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