A Jammed Vending Machine Is No Match For Artimis [Video]
If you haven't had this happen to you, consider yourself lucky. It sucks. It happens almost daily here at work. You put the dollar in the machine, spend 5 minutes debating what you want, punch in the code, and your item gets stuck. Now, you could rock the 500 pound machine back and forth, but p…
Parallel Parking Tricks [Video]
Who here has problems with parallel parking? Can't see out the side of the window? Poor judgment when measuring the distance between cars? Are you a woman? Well no longer do you need to worry as long as you follow the steps in this video!
Amazing Dominos by ShanesDominos [Video]
We've all played Domino's before, but have you ever played with Domino's?  ShanesDominos has made an art form out of stacking them up and knocking them down.  Check out the video of 68 different ways he's done it.