Breaking Bad Vs. Grey’s Anatomy
Two of the biggest shows on cable duke it out Breaking Bad Vs Grey's Anatomy!  I'll be honest me and my girlfriend got into an argument and that's how this came about.
If you had to had one show and the other had to be cancelled which would it be...
Honey Cocaine Vs. Nicki Minaj [Video]
Alot of you out there feel as if Tyga's Honey Cocaine is a better MC than Nicki Minaj.
This argument was brought up from a previous article that showed Nicki Minaj's performance at the Grammys. Which a lot you including myself did not like. At all. Not even a little bit.
“Breakin” B-Ray’s Old Dance Tape [Video]
Before I was a On-Air Personality B-Ray was a BREAKDANCE FIGHTER!!! I use to think I was the man in my red Electro Rock shirt and "S" curl lol.
I challenge anybody to a breakdance fight! Bring your friends. Bring your family. Just make sure that there's an audience present when…
Facebook Vs. Twitter
Are you Team Facebook or Team Twitter? I use both, but more Facebook then anything...someone took the time to break it down by age, income, gender and more. Whatever happen to Tom from Myspace?? I bet his pissed, check out this crazy graph thing they put together and follow me @therealslacker