Weird Commercial From Thailand [Video]
I know once in awhile you get commercials that advertise that seems to have nothing to do with the product.
I thought this was only an American thing, but this trend seems to have gone world wide.
The Strangest Onstage Performance Ever![Video]
This is probably the strangest stage performance that I have ever seen, and trust me I've seen some weird sh*t, but this takes the cake.
Now I've seen movies like the Human Centipede and even though it was really messed up it had some artistic direction. This on the other hand is just F**ki…
Duck Sauce ‘Big Bad Wolf’ [Video]
This video Big Bad wolf has been getting a ridiculous amount of attention on the internet due to the strangeness of the video.
I don't want to spoil anything but all I will say is what the F%#k. I guarantee that will be the first thing that comes out of your mouth when you watch this crazy ass video.
Water Nose Shooting New Competitive Sport [Video]
Competitive water nose shooting is the new craze all the kids are trying! I thought this was a joke when I first saw it but this is legit!
I know a few celebrities that would be the Lebron James of Nose water shooting, shout out to Bobby Brown!!!
This sport only prove one thing. People are really bore…
Super Mario Brother Wedding Proposal [VIDEO]
Hey I grew up playing Super Mario Bros. and I'm a fan just as much as the next 80's baby, but come on...really? A wedding proposal is supposed to be something special shared by two people (not in a living room that looks like Level 1) and not with your friend standing 5 feet away taping it…