Creepy Ex Post YouTube Video To Get His Girl Back [Video]
Talk about being obsessed with a girl. This dude comes off as a creeper after he makes a YouTube video for his ex-girlfriend showing how much he's still in love with her. I'm not a professional in relationships, but I don't think this will impress her...more like scare her away/make her file a perso…
We Need Air Conditioners Outside [Video]
Let's be honest I think this is a great idea! Just think if we had air conditioners outside cooling us off, people might be in a little better mood...especially in Flint. This girl isn't too far off yeah it is a bit stupid, but she is blonde what did you expect? Check out her genius answer to cool d…
Surprise Pregnancy Announcment [VIDEO]
I've always thought about how I was going to break the news to family and friends when I'm having my first child...good news,  I found by far the best way to break it to your family on being pregnant! The announcement comes from The Outside Joke 2 .  Take a look!
Buffalo Club Kicks Out Black People! [Video]
A night club in Buffalo, NY kicked out patrons because there was not "enough white people". This sounds outrageous but this happens all the time. Even in clubs/bars near you! I myself have experienced this and am glad that it's being brought out to national attention.

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