Creepy Ex Post YouTube Video To Get His Girl Back [Video]
Talk about being obsessed with a girl. This dude comes off as a creeper after he makes a YouTube video for his ex-girlfriend showing how much he's still in love with her. I'm not a professional in relationships, but I don't think this will impress her...more like scare her away/make her file a perso…
We Need Air Conditioners Outside [Video]
Let's be honest I think this is a great idea! Just think if we had air conditioners outside cooling us off, people might be in a little better mood...especially in Flint. This girl isn't too far off yeah it is a bit stupid, but she is blonde what did you expect? Check out her genius answer to cool d…
Surprise Pregnancy Announcment [VIDEO]
I've always thought about how I was going to break the news to family and friends when I'm having my first child...good news,  I found by far the best way to break it to your family on being pregnant! The announcement comes from The Outside Joke 2 .  Take a look!
Buffalo Club Kicks Out Black People! [Video]
A night club in Buffalo, NY kicked out patrons because there was not "enough white people". This sounds outrageous but this happens all the time. Even in clubs/bars near you! I myself have experienced this and am glad that it's being brought out to national attention.
Antoine Dodson Busted For Weed
YouTube sensation and...well that's it, just YouTube sensation Antoine Dodson was busted for weed over the weekend when he was pulled over for speeding. You would think that Dodson would take his own advice and "Hide ya weed, hide ya drugs" but that obviously wasn't the case! We have the m…
Is That A Chair In Your Pocket? [VIDEO]
Is that a chair in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? LOL I know it's stupid, but last/this morning I saw this infomercial for the "Pocket Chair" oh yeah it's real!!! Aren't infomercials the best? Just watch this tool Adam Jay try to sell the Pocket Chair a…

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