Terrell Owens only made just over $4,300 with the Seattle Seahawks.  The former NFL player Owens financial problems surface again after being cut by the Seahawks.  TMZ broke the news and I am shocked.

I feel bad for the one time deep threat wide receiver T.O. who has become subject of jokes lately.  After having so much success on and off the court, T.O. has been able to recover from financial problems.  Having several baby mothers after his money, the famed football player is struggling.

When he was signed to s tentative deal with the NFL Seattle Seahawks, I thought things were turning around for him.  I thought he was getting back on track and moving closer to a better financial status.  Unfortunately, things are not looking good.

According to TMZ, T.O. only made just over $4,300 while working 152 hours with the Seahawks.  Do the math, that is roughly $28 an hour.  Now for us regular people that would be great but not for Owens, he has bills.

Do you feel bad for T.O. or is he getting what he deserves?