This might make you head out during lunch and spend real money on a good pair of shoes.  Because people are SECRETLY JUDGING YOU by the shoes you wear, and the scary part is that they're amazingly accurate!

A new study out of the University of Kansas found that people could guess someone's age, gender, income, political beliefs, and personality traits with 90% ACCURACY just by looking at their shoes.

People tended to correctly associate expensive shoes with wealthier people, flashy and colorful shoes with extroverts and younger people. Finally shoes that looked old but taken care of with responsible people.

Some less obvious connections:

  • People with practical shoes tended to be more agreeable.
  • People wearing boots were more aggressive.
  • People in shoes that looked uncomfortable were generally calmer.

The researchers say this shows you probably should give some thought to your shoes because, "Shoes serve a practical purpose, but also serve as nonverbal cues with symbolic messages about who you are."