'This Is My Court' is an ode to streetball from A TWIN Thing which is made up of directors Jonathan and Josh Baker.  Any basketball fan will have a hard time not getting the itch to lace up after watching this.

Anyone that knows me personally, knows that I love basketball.  I don't just mean that I love to watch or play it once in a while, I mean L-O-V-E basketball.  Those same people would also be the first to tell you that I'm not very good, and they are right.

I've never played ball because I was especially good, although I am always trying to be better than the person defending me.  I've always thought of basketball as my version of meditation, yoga, chi or whatever you want to call it.  It's my place to drop everything in my head and focus on one thing. Shooting in a gym by myself, or at a crowded playground court, fighting to get next game, it's therapeutic for me.

I could care less about the trash talk, the hard fouls and even the ball hogs.  I love a game that I am not great at, and I'll play it as long as my body will let me.  After that, I'll watch it and play inside my head.  That's why this video is so good to me, what strikes you about it?