The Worst rappers of now -- voted by you! The results are in and we are counting down the top five worst rappers. This poll will hopefully led to a petition and eventually passing a law that will prevent these lame-ass rappers from ever touching a mic. The law will be called "The Lil B Act" -- if you heard any of his music you will understand the title.

  • 5

    'Money To Blow'


    Someone who's only famous for having better rappers on his tracks Birdman throw his 3rd grade lyrics into the mix and hits the 5th spot. Congratz.

  • 4

    'In Da Club"

    50 Cent

  • 3

    'No Hands'

    Waka Flocka Flame

    Mr.Flame is all hype but no lyric's. A lot of you feel that anyone can do his music, all you need is a hype beat.

  • 2

    'Wonton Soup'

    Lil B

    Really? Lil B isn't No. 1? Well I'm happy. As long as he's in the top five.

  • 1

    'Pretty Boy Swag'

    Soulja Boy