Every city has it's ups and downs.  So many times we focus on the downs too much in Flint.  I was riding around the city over the weekend and was wondering, where do all the singles hang out at?  Before you get carried away, I'm talking about quality single people. After thinking about it further today, I decided to put a list of the top five best places to find singles in Flint.


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    Youth Sporting Events

    At youth sporting events there are a lot of single parents rooting on their kids.  When you see that soccer or basketball mom cheering for her kid, know that she's probably single and does well with kids too.  Don't pass up the opportunity to find love at youth recreational events.

    Flint Affiliation Comrades, Facebook
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    Flint Cultural Center

    Many people do not visit the Flint Cultural Center enough and if you find someone there, good chances are they're singles.  Lonely people need to find something to do while married people enjoy themselves.  No one wants to be the third wheel so attending the plays, museum exhibits, and other cultural events can fill the gap in their hearts.  If you want someone of substance, visit the Flint Cultural Center.

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    Produce Section of the Grocery Store

    If you're in the local grocery stores like Kroger, Meijer, or VG's, visit the produce section.  Singles always want to eat healthy to keep or get a nice fit body.  Do you want your next relationship to full of unhealthy eating habits?  I didn't think so.  Your soul-mate could be picking through fresh veggies and fruit waiting to fall in love with you.  That seems legit right?

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    I never knew so many people hung out in bookstores and were actually reading.  If you ever visit a bookstore, chances are they're full of single educated people.  Well at least the people that enjoy reading can produce an intelligent conversation.  Someone once said you should never date someone who does not have a personal library at home.  Again, that seems legit.

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    Events in Downtown Flint

    Flint is slowing growing in the right direction especially with events going on downtown. We've had events like the Crim Race, Back To The Bricks, and Art Walk.  They're other events to attend that wasn't named but you have to know, singles attend these events to have a good time. There are good chances you will literally and figuratively bump into someone to fall in love with while attending the great events.  Do not stay at home while events held downtown, love is waiting on you.

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