Not sure why the 'Tossing Toddlers' video is now blowing up on YouTube? It came out back in 2007 and let's keep it real... we've all done stupid stuff as kids. Granted this one is on the father, but I don't see anything wrong with it. Do you?

Check out the video below and see the father's response to all the negative YouTube comments.

He said:

My kids are still alive and very loved.
The corner everyone keeps talking about is a good 5 feet away from the homemade foam sac and I am only 5 feet away from the sac as well. The camera angle is everything.

Unless Jimmy Kimmel writes me a check for 10K, this is not going on primetime television so I can be made fun of and my kids humiliated for having some good fun. Yes my soul has a price, I have TONS of student debt to pay off. :)