Tupac Shakur has a library so extensive that even 15 years after his death, unheard music is still being released. This makes picking Tupac's top five songs a very difficult job. These are my top five Tupac songs, but trust me, this list could be three times as long. Please note that there is some very graphic language in these songs.

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    'Hit Em Up'


    'Hit Em Up' starts off Tupac's top five songs, and is probably the greatest diss song of all time. Pac didn’t hold anything back with his lethal verses, and the video didn’t make it better for his enemies. For me, this solidified 2pac being a musical and tactical genius. This was just raw talent, just a rapper doing what he did best.

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    'Changes' came out after Tupac’s death, and this showed a side of Pac that I almost forgot. A more political artist that cared about the welfare of his listeners. He was also connected with what was going on nationally at the time. This wasn’t particular song wasn’t about the money, cars, clothes, and other cliche things in hip hop. It just talked about changes he has seen, and changes we all need to make. It's that difference that makes this number four of Tupac's top five songs.

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    'Same Song'

    Tupac ft. Digital Underground

    When it comes to any artist, I like to go back to the very beginning and see their roots. Tupac got his break into national exposure with the legendary hip hop group Digital Underground. The message of this song was no matter our differences, we can all be united by song. Even though he had quick verse on here it was powerful, and it still gives me the chills every time I here it. Much like on 'Changes', Tupac shows a more conscious side here. That helped it become number three on Tupac's top five songs.

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    '2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted'

    Tupac ft. Snoop Dogg

    The number 2 song on Tupac's top five songs list is one that probably got him in a lot of trouble. Fresh from being bailed out of jail by Suge Knight (not to mention being shot) he felt like he had something to prove. He was young with a lot of money, and his fame was at an all time high. On this braggadocios song he told us all about while in a court room.

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    This is the 2pac that I love, and I can play this album '2pacolypse' all day long. On this song he talks about a young man having to choose between being poor, or a life of crime. He paints this “bad guy” as the victim just playing the cards he was dealt with, which sadly is the case for many people today. This is the reason why I choose Tupac’s 'Strapped' as one of his best top 5 songs of all time.