Jimmy Kimmel Live lost one of it's funniest members last night and more importantly, Jimmy lost his uncle. Frank Potenza aka Uncle Frank a former New York City cop and Korean War veteran passed away last night at the age of 77. Check out the Top 5 Uncle Frank moments from Hollywood Reporter below.

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    Uncle Frank The Meteorologist

    Uncle Frank advises, "You should hit the ground, the lower the better, if there is a whole, you get down there, anything below the earth."

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    Uncle Frank on Jersey Shore Vocabulary

    Jimmy asks Uncle Frank what is the meaning of "motor boating." Uncle Frank replies, "Motor boating is a combination of being out in the sea and on land."

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    Geographer Unlce Frank

    Uncle Frank jokes that "Seichelles" is the word that people say when they are getting a photo taken and he assumes that he just say "cuckoo."

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    Professor Uncle Frank on Black History Month

    Uncle Frank says black people had done a lot for the country, including our first black president. "If you dont have a black friend, look for one," jokes Frank.

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    Ask Dr. Uncle Frank - Nutrition

    Uncle Frank then gives his opinion on what type of food he prefers. He says, "The worst is vegetables, can't digest vegetables, too many colors and combination's."