Waka Flocka Flames was at his charity bowling event for only a couple of minutes when a man started a fight with him.

Waka Flocka had hoped to kick off his "Homes For The Holidays" program with a successful event.  What he got instead, was a fist full of "mad-rapper" from a former associate.

The fight was broken up and the event continued without another problem.  Check out the video and details of Waka's new charity below.

The 'Homes For The Holidays' program is hoping to give away 10 homes to single parent families, or families run by grandparents.

After the event, Waka's team released the following statement.

"To be clear, while taking one of many photos with fans during the evening, an artist who had previously been under his helm approached him with malice, words were said and our client was forced to defend himself."

I'm not a fan of Waka's music, but it would take a whole lot of bitterness to make me approach a 6'5" dude that's tatted up from head to toe.

TMZ has some different footage of the fight as well.