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Looks like Waka Flocka Flame was targeted in a North Carolina shooting.  Waka Flocka was brought in to the police department for questioning but is not s suspect. I am a advocate to stop gun violence.  No matter who was the victim or potential victim.  Guns are never cool. In Flint, we have seen way to many guns incidents that could have been prevented if we were more pro-active.  The epidemic of gun violence has become to regular that people in the community feel there is no way to turn things around. Just yesterday I was saw a shoot out within 20 feet of my position. That is CRAZY.  When this particular shoot out happen I was speaking to some youth about violence. Ironic right?
After the shoot out, the youth were so desensitized about gun violence.  I think we need to really chill on the gun play and start looking for positive alternatives to release our frustrations.  Gun violence needs to change in Flint and everywhere in America.