Alex Avila sent a home run ball into the stands, giving the Tigers an early lead over the Red Sox, but it was what a guy did to the woman who caught the ball that's getting the attention.

The woman is a Tigers fan living in Brooklyn, and was ecstatic when the Avila home run ball landed in her hands.  She can be seen screaming, "That's my ball!" as the Boston fan rips it from her hands and tosses it back on to the field.

Throwing the ball back is pretty standard at most parks when a fan of the home team catches the ball!  If a fan decides to keep the ball, then they usually deal with the boo's that will rain down on them for a few minutes, and everyone moves on.

"DAT'S NAT HAW WE DO TINGS IN BAWSTON!" - said the drunken man standing next to her.

The Sox went on to steal the win as well, but there was some justice served to the jerk Boston fan.  He was kicked out of the game for yelling racial slurs at Tiger fans sitting around him.