Flint voters will have the option to partially legalize the possession of Marijuana this fall, and that has drowsy, hungry people everywhere very excited.

A group of activists turned in petition signatures this week calling for the ballot measure.

Organizers said the measure would exempt anyone 19 years or older with less than 1 ounce of marijuana from city code prohibitions of cannabis.

"We're really hoping this will give the officers here in Flint the option to use discretion so they can spend better time dealing with the rampant crime happening in the city," said Brian Morrissey of the Coalition for a Safer Flint, the group that gathered the signatures.

"There are still quite a few people being arrested for minor possession of small amounts of marijuana... I think the citizens of Flint are definitely ready to see their police resources used more efficiently. I think this is a no-brainer."

The group acknowledges that even if it passed, marijuana would still be illegal under state law, outside of sanctioned medicinal use.

Morrissey said the goal is to give police "reason to de-prioritize offenses and use some discretion."

Source: MLive