It was a normal night at the 'NC Awards Ball' until an all out riot broke out, and that's when a nice young lady decided it was time to throw a table.

I have no idea what the fight was about, and honestly I don't care.  I only care about this husky young woman hiking her stretch pants up, picking up a banquet table and throwing it!  If that weren't impressive enough, she catches two chairs that get thrown at her after that!

I don't know what awards were being given away that night, but she definitely locked the top spot for table throwing.

The video is almost five minutes long, and you can go ahead and watch the whole thing if you want.  You'll have to tell me how it ends because I can't stop restarting it so I can watch 'Deebo' in action!

Side Note:  The YouTube comments are usually the best and worst part of any YouTube video, but this one was too good to recognize.