If you recently purchased a scratch off lottery ticket at this particular gas station in Clio and you did not win anything - you clearly chose the wrong ticket.

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One Genesee County man did indeed choose correctly - he scratched his way to one million dollars. As per usual the lucky winner is choosing to stay anonymous. However, where he purchased the ticket is not a secret. The Shell gas station on Vienna Road in Clio is where the winning ticket was sold (see ticket below).

The 50-year-old winner is choosing to take one lump sum payment of $634,000. I would do the same. I have never read a story about a lottery winner who chose to have their winnings in payments.

I need to start buying scratch off tickets. Just last week I told you about another Michigan man who won $4 million on a Michigan Lottery scratch off ticket. The dude is only 33 years old and absolutely set for life as long as he spends wisely. I am guessing that is tough to do. If I ever did hit big in the lottery I would definitely have to hire a money manager, if not I know I would be way out of control.

That being said, you can bet I would throw one hell of a party, I am thinking tacos and tequila. I would definitely hire Ironsnake or Royal Bliss to perform - or wait, I would pay for both (I would be a millionaire after all). Yep, definitely going to need a money manager.

Michigan Lottery
Michigan Lottery

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