Many of us were guilty of supporting some unforgivable crimes against fashion, music, and good taste in general in the 1990s. Here are some of those fads that will never, ever be acceptable again, let alone "cool."

This Saturday (February 20th) at the Flint Golf Club, we'll be celebrating all things 90s at That 90s Party. We'll even celebrating the embarrassing stuff, of which there is plenty. Between the all-90s playlist, 90s karaoke, 90s trivia and live challenges, 90s drink menu, 90s costume contest, and live 90s music -- we're going to have to take the good with the bad while celebrating the decade that gave us grunge, gangsta rap, and the internet. That's part of the fun though.

That 90s Party


JNCO Jeans

Why wouldn't you want jeans with pant-legs so big you could hide other people in them?



Seriously, just try to get a kid to play with these stupid things now.


Dudes with Frosted Tips

It's like a forehead tattoo that reads "I'm a Douche," but takes less time to read.

frosted tips


The pants, the dance... It will never be "Hammertime" again.

Hammer Time

Red Dog Beer

You can still buy this (but no one does). Also, is that Tommy Lee Jones' voice in the commercial?

No Fear Shirt

You weren't a "badass" unless you had one. They were like the Tapout shirt of the 90s.

VintageGarageStuff via ETSY
VintageGarageStuff via ETSY


The iPod of the 90s... except it was way bigger, only played CDs, and skipped unless you were staying absolutely still.


Overalls... Especially on Chicks

Hopefully, you got that out of your system in the 90s.


Hot Pockets

Nowadays, the answer to "When you want a hot meal without a big deal, what're you gonna pick?" is never "Hot Pockets." Also, do they really just suggest you eat them late at night in this commercial? "What are you gonna pick? Indigestion!"

Starter Jackets

If you didn't have one, your friends knew you were the poor kid in the group.

Starter Jacket


Your parents thought you were a drug dealer.


AOL Discs

The internet wasn't always the all-you-can-eat buffet it is now. And it was so slow you NEEDED every one of those free hours.

aol discs

Smash Mouth

We have no idea how these dudes got popular in the first place, but thank god that nightmare is over. Side Note: This isn't even the worst Ben Stiller cameo in a music video (See: Limp Bizkit - 'Rollin').

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