Jesus take the wheel.  A 13 year old student was suspended for wearing a Vera Bradley purse to school in Kansas.  Why are both the student and the school making a big deal out of this? Oh, I see, to gain attention.

Skylar Davis, 13 years old, refused to take off his colorful purse in school and was sent home with a one day suspension.  Davis has been wearing the purse to school over his shoulder since August and the school hasn't sent him home until now.

Skylar's mother called the school upset over a one day suspension and to re-verify the entire situation.  She believes the school is discriminating against her son.  She claims that if girls can wear purses, so can her son.  Skylar's mother fully supports her son in his purse wearing decision.

Here is a classic attempt at gaining unnecessary attention.  Instead of focusing on his education, we know about his fashion choices.  I could careless what he decides to wear but what about his grades?  I wonder does his mother and the school push this young man to become excellent in his academics.  At the end of the day, the young man has the choice to wear a purse but let's focus on real issues like his academic success.