A 14 year old Bad Axe baby sitter was caught joyriding in Caseville while the kids were left at the house alone.

A Huron County police dash-cam video shows the girl driving through Caseville while the kids were left at the house.

Other friends were in the car with her. The deputy pulled the teen over because the car's tail lights were out and the registration on the car was expired.

The deputy questioned the runaway babysitter for a while and decided the story didn't add up.

"She wasn't very truthful with him at all," Hanson said. "She lied about her age at the beginning and then reasons why she was in Caseville, and finally the truth came out."

The father said they hired this babysitter before with no problems - this time they won't be hiring her again.

The prosecutor is reviewing this case. Police said they are trying to get a petition against the 14-year-old which means she will likely appear in juvenile court.