A fireworks display in Southeast Michigan that was supposed to go on for about 20 minutes was over almost as soon as it started. The whole thing lasted just over 30 seconds.

What Happened?

Those who were in attendance at the Dundee Mayfly Music Festival, held at the city's Wolverine Park Friday night (6/17) were expecting to see a fireworks display that was billed to be a 20-minute show.

But the whole thing was done in 32 seconds.

The Dundee Police Department explained on its Facebook page that a technician who was setting off the fireworks hit the wrong button or touched off the wrong fuse.

"Yes that was it. The 32 seconds of fireworks was accidental. Apparently workers ignited the wrong fuse/button. So everyone was treated to 20 minutes of fireworks in 32 seconds."

Toledo TV station WTOL has a video of the intense display, which is embedded below.

Lots of Fun in the Comments Section

Lots of people jumped into the comments section to offer their two cents.

Melissa Farmer noted, "Story of my life...expected 20 min and got 32 seconds!!!!" to which Tony Koenig replied, "Winner of today's internet."

Mike Glinski says he's worked with professional fireworks in the past and says "something got wired up wrong." He goes on to say, "This is impressive for all the wrong reasons."

Diane Schroeder called the display perfect, saying, "For those of us that don’t like fireworks and have dogs that don’t like fireworks, it was nearly perfect."

There were no reports of injuries due to the mishap.

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