The trailer for the movie '21 & Over,' which will run during the 2013 Super Bowl, makes sure the audience knows the comedy is going to be an alcohol-drenched wild time.

The premise of the film, which comes from the writers of the 'The Hangover,' is that a straight-A student is taken out on the night of his 21st birthday. A birthday that happens to be the night before his medical school interview.

"One beer" becomes many and the trailer details what goes down on during the fateful night. Included in the festivities are bulls (live and mechanical), ritual paddlings, fire and officers of the law. The birthday boy appears to spend much of the extended evening in a state of unconsciousness and at one point is outfitted in women's underwear.

The film is not yet rated, so expect it to be pretty raunchy, even when it does meet the standards of the MPAA.

'21 & Over' is slated to hit theaters on March 1. Does the trailer have you excited for the comedy?