As the second most popular religion in the world, Islam is practiced by millions of people across the planet, including some of your favorite rappers. Though rappers like Craig Mack and Ma$e have left the rap life behind for religion over the years, many other rhymers have incorporated their Muslim beliefs into their craft without ditching the game. DJ Khaled, Swizz Beatz and A Tribe Called Quest members Q-Tip and Ali have been vocal about practicing the Muslim religion since the beginning of their careers.

Louisiana native Kevin Gates, a former XXL Freshman, has been noticeably showcasing his Muslim faith more often on social media and making his practices public. In the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks in the fall of 2015, Bronx, N.Y. rapper French Montana, a practicing Muslim, sent his condolences to the victims' families and urged people not to stereotype Muslims as terroristsLil Durk grew up in Christianity but became a Muslim as an adult. In May of 2023, he inspired a fan to convert to Islam.

Most recently, in October of 2023, Finesse2tymes announced he is converting to Islam after he releases his next album.

"Y’all always making fun and laughing when a person trying to get they life together, If u struggling and wondering why, it’s because u look down on everybody and u still down yourself," the 2023 XXL Freshman wrote on social media in response to backlash for his announcement. "U don’t get blessings having a sour heart, Im graduating from the streets, I outgrew the old me, Im seeking knowledge and wisdom more, financial literature, parenting skills etc."

Big Daddy Kane, Beanie Sigel, Dave East, PnB Rock and many others rappers are part of Islam.Check out how many hip-hop acts have ties to the Muslim faith. As-salāmu ʿalaykum.

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