At just 18 years old, 24kGoldn is living quite a charmed life. A full-time University of Southern California. student last year, 2-4 put his original goal of becoming a hedge fund manager on hold to see how far he can go with music, which was one of his early passions. His dice roll was the right move, as his 2019 single "Valentino" has over 48 million streams on Spotify, the song was in an episode of HBO's Ballers and the YouTube video for the track has racked up over 9 million views. Now he's a RECORDS, LLC/Columbia Records signee.

"I recorded the song 19 months ago and we put it out seven months ago," the San Francisco native explains. "I always knew it was gonna be a huge song, it was just a matter of the right time." Riding off the momentum of his current success, 24kGoldn came to the XXL office to drop a freestyle and share more about his career.

24kGoldn's freestyle is about the kind of woman he's seeking and getting to the money. "I need a Birkin bag bitch, with everything designer/Where she get that sauce from? From her mama," he rhymes. "I been grindin', lookin' for some commas/You niggas' whinin', lookin for a come up."

Don't let 24kGoldn's youth fool you; he's very much sure of himself. "Making music is gonna be way more fun than sitting in an office all day," he shares, while discussing his career choice. "My main goal in life is to be happy [rather] than to be top CEO or whatever. I think that the success and financial stability will all come." Not a bad idea at all.

Catch 24kGoldn's XXL freestyle below.

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