It is no secret that Michigan is a mecca for great craft brews.

In the great state of Michigan, you do not have to look very far to find great, locally made craft brews. That doesn't mean that you will like every brew that you try, but that is part of the fun. Venturing out with friends to find the perfect beer for your taste buds is a journey that everyone should go on.

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With that said, the next time you travel to Grand Rapids, you may want to book a couple of extra days (or weeks) so you can check out all the breweries the city has to offer. Grand Rapids offers a huge selection of choices for you to experience. You'll find everything from small little places that feel like coffee shops to massive breweries. There seems to be an option for every palate.

When venturing around Grand Rapids and the surrounding cities, you see familiar names like Atwater Brewery, Grand Rapids Brewing Company, New Holland Brewing, Founders Brewing Co., and so many more. There are also several breweries that I have never heard of before and definitely want to try.

For those of you that live in the Grand Rapids area, feel free to leave some tips or other breweries that you love in the comments. It seems like a new brewery opens up every day in Michigan so sometimes it is hard to keep up. Either way, drink, be merry, don't be an a-hole, and enjoy life. Cheers!

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