Let me try to explain it the best way I can. Imagine the Jetsons decorated their home with the help of the Flintstones, and then just threw in an indoor Koi pond for shits and giggles. Can you picture it? Well, now you can own it for just around $400,000.

Even the actual listing price of this Sterling Heights home is a bit "off"...$419,969. What? Can they not just round up or down? Unique is the key word here from start to finish. On the outside, it looks like your normal run-of-mill suburban home on any street, in a town, but what lies behind those front doors, and glass block windows, is something truly interesting.

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Stone is key in this house. Throughout the 2700 square feet 4 bedroom and 3 bathroom compound you'll find natural stone slate flooring. The sleek futuristic design hits you the minute you walk through the door and see the floating staircase. Stone-designed walls and chrome pretty much consume the decor except for some pops of bright blue from the fish tank in the family room and hues of purple from the modern space-age kitchen.

Interesting enough, the private gym is actually on the first floor right out in the open. Although it is enclosed in glass, it completely reminds me of something you'd find at Howard Johnson's or Holiday Inn in the 80s. There is also a first-floor indoor spa with a hot tub and sauna.

The kitchen is something Jane Jeston could totally wrap her head around. Chrome appliances, double ovens, and a cool stand-alone custom electric glass cooktop station. There's also a huge built-in fish tank over the sink, because why not.

Speaking of fish, this is where it gets interesting. On the lower level, where you'll find an additional family room/ entertainment area, you'll find a rock oasis with a massive indoor Koi pond. We're not talking small fish kinda thing, this thing is huge. It's also one of the few areas of the home with some color.

The love of all things bland and stone continues outside with the pool area, again lots of slate, lots of stone, lots of jagged edges just waiting to slice and dice. You'll also find a driveway with space for seven cars whether a Jetson's spacecraft or a Flintstone's foot-powered coupe.

Take a look into the future, or past, or both, below.

Live in the Future, with a Little Bit of Bedrock, Complete with Indoor Pond for $400k

Imagine if you will the Jetsons from the future used an interior decorator recommended by the Flintstones, and toss in an indoor koi pond. Got it? Well, here's your house. On the market in Sterling Heights, Michigan for $419,969 ( even the price is uniquely odd), this house is one to see. From the floating staircase to the natural stone slate flooring throughout the 2700 square feet, ultra-modern is an understatement. Take a look inside, and yes...that's a full-on indoor Koi pond on the lower level.

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