Proving playing with your LEGO set can lead to big things, even as an adult, five Michiganders will be showing off their talents for some big prizes starting Tuesday night.

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FOX’s creative reality TV series, LEGO Masters, premieres on Tuesday night, and 5 of the 24 contestants this season will be from Michigan. The show, entering it's second season, will feature 12 teams of two — six male-male teams, four male-female teams and two female-female teams. Each team will aim to show off their LEGO skills building incredible original LEGO creations and also pass unique LEGO challenges.

Representing Michigan this season are Maria and Phillip Straatsma of Kentwood and Zach and Tim Croll of Gaylord.  and Dawn Sloboda, of Coopersville who is paired with her brother, Jack Schwarz from Ohio. Sloboda told Mlive that it's great to to Michigan a big part of show this season.

“Michigan is very well represented in LEGO Masters this season,” Sloboda said. “I think this year we had so much that was unusual in our lives that we turned to something we could do at home with family or by themselves. LEGO is a big part of that. People like us need that outlet for creativity.”

The 10 episode season premieres Tuesday night at 8pm on Fox. Mr. LEGO Batman himself, Will Arnett, serves as host of the show. The season kicks off with the 'Dream Park Theme Park', having each due construct one section of a theme park.

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