One new thing you may want in the new year is a new mattress. Thanks to the television show 'Dirty Jobs', I found out a few things about mattresses yesterday. I have never watched the show before, I don't even know if it is still on or just reruns, nonetheless, I got sucked into an episode about mattresses, and I really wish I hadn't.

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The particular episode I caught involved host Mike Rowe picking up old abandoned mattresses. Mike and a mattress recycler drove through San Francisco picking up mattresses that people left on the streets. Yes, you read that right - these dirty mattresses were all over California highways. I have seen the same thing here in Michigan, I am sure you have too.

As Mike Rowe and the city worker picked up the discarded mattresses, Mike was giving out some not-so-comforting facts about mattresses. Did you know that mattresses double in weight every 10 years? Apparently, they do. Any guesses as to what makes up the extra weight? There are a few answers to that question,

  • Dead skin cells
  • Debris
  • Dust mite droppings

I am guessing there are even more things that factor in the extra weight. It makes you think twice about accepting a used mattress from someone. I can't imagine taking a mattress that a stranger put out in the trash, but I do currently have a bedroom set that Tony LaBrie gave me - yes, it included the mattress. He told me before I took it that there was a teriyaki sauce stain on it. Now I am wondering what else is on it? It is probably much too late to worry about that now.

To freak myself out (even more), I did some research (Googled) as to what other gross mattress facts I could find - check out my list below courtesy of Mattress Advisor.

5 Gross Things About Your Mattress

If my gallery did not freak you out, the video below will. Anyone else planning on getting a new mattress this week?

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