Ryan Encinas is a 5 year old Cleveland Browns fan who survived a battle with Cancer, and scored a dream touchdown for the Browns during a preseason practice.

The Browns are gearing up for a tough NFL season, and Ryan is gearing up for his first year of Kindergarten.  Both seem like small challenges though considering what Ryan has already been through.

He was diagnosed with Lung Cancer at 2 years old, and after a long fight, is cancer free today.

The Little Heroes program helped Ryan celebrate 2 years of being cancer free by letting him score a TD during the Browns practice.  Encinas stepped into the huddle as the quarterback called the play.

"Double right, 80 Taxi" was the call and Ryan took the hand off, following the lead blocks of Trent Richardson.  Ryan eventually rumbled 50 yards for the touchdown and a roaring ovation from the crowd.