The question of whether 6ix9ine can have a viable rap career after agreeing to cooperate with federal authorities is one folks across the industry have asked themselves since the incarcerated rainbow-haired rapper copped plea back in January. Now, 50 Cent, who was known to hang with Tekashi, has served up his take on the matter.

Speaking with Ebro Darden, Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez for a Monday (Sept. 9) episode of Ebro in the Morning, 50 described his relationship with Tekashi before explaining how the rapper, who built his image on gangsta machismo, could resume his career as a burgeoning rap star. For 50, who performed in Saudi Arabia a couple of months ago, it comes down to whether or not Tekashi can make the "right record."

"If he made the record, I believe the audience will play it," 50 says after explaining how little he thinks fans care about the rules of the street. "They don't care. They'll look at it and go, 'If you was gonna hurt my mother, and you was messing with my baby mother, and you was doing this,' they'll be like, 'Man, they would've told too.' 'Cause they don't have a defense if somebody was gonna do that to them.'"

50 appears to be alluding to rumors that members of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, a Brooklyn gang Tekashi had been aligned with, had been plotting to harm him or his family before the rapper was arrested on federal racketeering charges last year. There were also rumors that Kifano "Shotti" Jordan, who used to manage 6ix9ine, had slept with the rapper's baby's mother, Sara Molina. That factor, in conjunction with what he feels is fans' a lack of connection to the street codes makes Fif think Tekashi could be back poppin' once again.

In other parts of the interview, 50 speaks on why it's confusing that Meek Mill performs with Rick Ross—a former corrections officer—while promoting prison reform. He goes onto say he's got no problem with his longtime rap game rival.

Watch 50 speak on Tekashi and more below. The 6ix9ine bit begins at around the 19:40 mark.

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