Meijer is the latest store to ask customers not to open carry guns while shopping in stores.

Meijer joins Walmart, Kroger, CVS, and many others requesting that customers do not open carry in their stores. I feel like this needs to be said considering the backlash that came up when Walmart made their announcement . . . you can still concealed carry with a permit.

Meijer made the announcement in a tweet yesterday.

Meijer will undoubtedly face criticisms over this, but I back the move 100%.

The Twitter thread did have some back and forth between people arguing about the technicalities of their request. Just to clear up a few things here, Meijer is considered private property, and they can ask you to leave if you open carry. That doesn't mean that you will be arrested or your gun will be taken away, just that you have to leave the store while you have your gun out.


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