Family dynamics can be tough to sort out regardless of one's fame and fortune, but 50 Cent has long been at odds with his first born Marquis Jackson and his mother Shaniqua Tompkins, so much so that he posted the above to Instagram, a countdown clock for the day that he no longer has to pay child support for the boy.

Back in early 2014, it was reported that Marquis was feeling replaced by his younger sibling and that his father, after two years of not visiting, had forgotten him. Later that year, Tompkins reportedly banned 50 from attending Marquise’s graduation, perhaps because he had allegedly sent his son texts reading “Fuck you stop texting me” and “I don’t have a son anymore.” 50 even posted about Marquis and his younger son back in April this year, writing on Instagram, "Same treatment, complete different relationships.”

In seeing 50's countdown clock, Marquis had some words of his own, reiterating his sentiment that 50 has routinely been absent from his life. "Don’t worry I’ll make u proud! Just don’t forget to tell me happy birthday that day cause u missed a few," he wrote. 50's son has previously expressed disappointment at the fact that 50 missed his graduation, and even in his words here, there are elements of pain.

The rapper's clock lists Oct. 13, 2017 as the final day so there is still time for the two to patch things up, though given the years of back-and-forth, it seems unlikely.

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