Fresh off a successful season debut, Power has been making big noise on the internet on its way to what will presumably be another successful season. Still, 50 Cent has a more pressing issue that he must address — the theme song.

During the opening of the Starz drama on Sunday night (Aug. 25), viewers were introduced to a new version of the “Big Rich Town” theme song, which originally featured Joe. This one features Trey Songz, and fans immediately jumped on social media to express their disdain for the new version and demanded that Fif bring back the original version.

Since then, 50 Cent, who has been touring recently, has been responded to complaints about the new theme song. Viral king Shiggy posted a video on his Instagram account blasting the Power creator for changing the theme song. “This the kinda shit I’m waking up to,” writes 50 in response to Shiggy’s vid. “Y’all gotta chill out...what the fuck man. The Fuck you doing 50.”

Comedian Affiion Crockett also complained about the new theme song. “No! No! No!” he screamed in his video. “50 you owe me $100,000 for my emotional fucking investment. It’s been five years with the [same] theme song...go back to the original fucking song.”

It looks like 50 has gotten the message.

On Tuesday (Aug. 27), the rap mogul addressed a fan who demanded that he bring back the original song. "I got you, just chill," he wrote in the comment section.

Check out some of the hilarious complaints about the new Power theme song and 50 Cent's responses to them.

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