Before Lil Wayne signed Nicki Minaj to his Young Money empire, 50 Cent had a chance to sign her but didn't do it.

On Monday (Feb. 10), 50 made a surprise visit to Queen Radio on Beats 1 and strolled down memory lane with his fellow Jamaica, Queens native. During their discussion, Nicki asked Fif how come he didn't sign her when she was garnering so much buzz back in the days in their hometown.

"Because of Fendi," says 50, referring to Nicki's former manager Big Fendi who was managing her at the time. "That's the only reason why I wasn't saying nothing or checking real hard for her (Nicki) because he was over there."

For those who don't know, Big Fendi is credited for discovering Nicki back in the mid-2000s and gave her the rap name Nicki Minaj. The pair had a bad falling out and Nicki eventually went to famed manager Debra Antney, Waka Flocka Flame's mother, to manage her career. Last July, Nicki and Big Fendi reconciled their differences on a special episode of Queen Radio.

"Now he's is a little seasoned," 50 said about Big Fendi. "He knows how to keep the relationship the right way. Back then, he was being Fendi."

Nicki concurred and said, "We all matured and I think it's only going to help our businesses. [Because] we from where we are from [and] we don't need more bullshit and drama anymore."

This news comes as Nicki, who hasn’t toured since her 2018 trek with the late Juice Wrld, is working on her fifth album. Additionally, the new album will also come with a new alter ego.

Last Saturday (Feb. 8), Nicki jumped on Twitter to reveal her new rap persona. When a fan asked, "Can we be expecting a new alter-ego this era? Or possibly the return of a fan fave," Nicki responded, "Queen Sleeze."

Nicki then explained further about her new second self. "She’s more calm but way deadlier,” she said. “My husband always says he’s more afraid when I talk quiet then when I yell. Lmao. He said that’s how he knows when I’m dead tf serious."

When later asked to describe the album in four words, Nicki responded, "Queen TF Sleeze."

In 2020, Nicki Minaj is going to be serious. Get ready.

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