The Broomstick Challenge dominated social media on Monday night, and some of your favorite rappers were so amazed that they had to try it out for themselves.

On Monday night (Feb. 10), a video of a woman, who was able to make her broom stand completely upright without assistance, went viral thus sparking the Broom Challenge. The woman who made the first attempt said the reason why her broom could stand up by itself is because of a rare gravitational pull that NASA allegedly claimed only lasted for a day.

Soon enough, social media timelines everywhere were full of videos and photos of people attempting to make their brooms stand up. Even though NASA never actually said anything about the broom's standing abilities, people, along with rappers like Future, French Montana and Tory Lanez, were convinced that the challenge was authentic.

"HOW IS THIS BROOM STANDING !!!! I NEED ANSWERS @NASA," Tory Lanez exclaimed in a tweet with a video of his entry.

As the entire Twittersphere attempted to make their brooms stand, people like G Herbo, chose to take advantage of this gravitational pull by making other inanimate objects stand on their own.

“YOU SAW IT HERE FIRST 🙄🙄” Herbo wrote in his Instagram caption.

Check out other rappers like Future, Chief Keef, super-producer DJ Khaled and more attempt to do the #BroomstickChallenge.


French Montana

Chief Keef


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DJ Khaled

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